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Check your Sump Pump before the snow melts

With the recent snows and upcoming warming trend with rain, there is a good possibility that we will have a good bit of ground water.  So, to prevent water damage in the Columbus area due to a faulty sump pump, do the following to make sure the pump is operational:

  • make sure it is plugged in securely to the wall and that it is the only thing on its circuit
  • make sure the floats are free of obstruction and are not "riding" against the side of the sump well
  • test it by pouring a 5 gallon bucket of water in the well  (or by lifting the float) to enable the pump to run
  • if the pump is older than 7 years, replace it whether it works or not

Some other considerations to keep you basement dry and also prevent water damage in Columbus, Ohio are as follows:

  • make sure your downspouts are free of obstructions
  • make sure you have a negative grade around the foundation of your home
  • if there is a drain in front of your home, make sure it is not blocked by debris

If you are unfortunate and have a sump pump failure or other water intrusion in your basement, give us a call and we will quickly respond.


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