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The dangers of mold in your home

We're here to help make sure you don't experience some of the life-disrupting events we've seen in so many homes. If you follow these simple steps, you'll avoid major health and repair issues in your home.

  • Molds are usually not a problem indoors, unless mold spores land on a wet or damp spot and begin growing. Molds have the potential to cause health problems. Molds produce allergens (substances that can cause allergic reactions), irritants, and in some cases, potentially toxic substances (mycotoxins).
  • Know where your water main shut-off valve is and turn your water off when you are away for extended periods. If you have a pipe break call PuroClean Water, Fire, and Mold Experts for emergency water restoration in Columbus and central Ohio.
  • Clean your dryer vent on an annual basis. Dryer lint is extremely flammable. Companies like Dryer Vent Wizard of Central Ohio can help with long and complicated cleanings.
  • If you have and use a wood-burning chimney, have it cleaned and inspected once a year.
  • Replace rubber or plastic water hoses with steel braided hoses.  ommon examples are washing machine hoses and toilet supply lines. If one of these break, and cause water damage in Columbus, call PuroClean Water, Fire, and Mold Experts.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink and in the garage and shake them once a year. The chemicals in the extinguishers settle over time so shaking them keeps them charged and ready to go. If you have had fire damage in Columbus or need fire damage restoration in Columbus, call PuroClean Water, Fire, and Mold Experts for professional help.
  • Replace the batteries in your smoke detectors every time change.
  • Check your sump pump floats to make sure they are unobstructed and check to make sure the sump pump is functioning properly on a semi-annual basis. If you need water damage restoration in the Columbus area, call PuroClean immediately for fast, emergency service.
  • Make sure that any extension cords being used are not overloaded.
  • Have your insurance policy reviewed on an annual basis to make sure you are covered for any home improvements or personal property purchases that were made throughout the year.

Call PuroClean at 614-309-5739 or 877-309-PURO for fast response for any home water, smoke, or mold emergency.  PuroClean has emergency response for water damage in the Columbus area as well as fire damage in Columbus.


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