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POSTED: 04/08/14
When assessing flooded homes and buildings, most professional restoration firms are mainly concerned with getting everything dried as quickly as possible and returning the property to the pre-loss condition.  A professional water restoration company in...
POSTED: 03/28/14
When water damage in Columbus strikes, it “always” seems to happen at the most inappropriate time. Whether it is a broken water pipe, burst hot water heater, sudden storm damage, vandalism, or a fire—Time Is Your Enemy! If professional restoration...
POSTED: 03/13/14
There should be no guesswork when handling water loss in a structure. There are many steps necessary to properly inspect, measure, and track the drying process to insure the restoration is complete. Using the proper instruments is your best assurance of...
POSTED: 02/17/14
With the recent snows and upcoming warming trend with rain, there is a good possibility that we will have a good bit of ground water.  So, to prevent water damage in the Columbus area due to a faulty sump pump, do the following to make sure the pump is...
POSTED: 02/11/14
Many homeowners store their possessions in cardboard boxes because that is all that they may know about. This may be a cheaper solution in the short run, but could be much more expensive in the long run. If there were to be any sort of water damage or...
POSTED: 01/04/14
Simple Ways to Avoid Freezing Pipes: Low temperatures and wind chill temperatures below zero are not a good combination if you have any unheated areas with water lines in your home or business.  To prevent freezing pipes and the water damage that results...
POSTED: 12/20/13
'Tis the season for Christmas trees, holiday lights and other various decorations -- all of which are a big part of getting into the holiday spirit. But failure to take all the necessary safety precautions when you're setting up and tearing down such...
POSTED: 12/16/13
Water is a unique substance. As with most materials, when water cools, its density increases and it settles to the bottom of a container. However, at 32º F, it expands and, therefore, its density decreases! This is why ice floats. This expansion...
POSTED: 12/05/13
Over the years there has been an abundance of opinions and non-truths involving property damage and restoration procedures. Here are a few of the most commonly expressed misconceptions: General statement: “It is less expensive to replace rather than to...
POSTED: 12/03/13
Today’s homes are being constructed to be as energy efficient as possible. That means that they are very tight. When water enters this environment and is not dealt with correctly, the problems that may occur are almost endless: the “color” (stain) in...


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