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Plastic Totes vs. Cardboard Boxes

Many homeowners store their possessions in cardboard boxes because that is all that they may know about. This may be a cheaper solution in the short run, but could be much more expensive in the long run. If there were to be any sort of water damage or fire damage to the property, the cardboard boxes would not fare well. Cardboard is a porous material, which means that it will absorb water, smoke and when wet, it will become a great breeding ground for mold. If damage does come to the cardboard boxes, it will likely also come to the contents within. These contents can be priceless to the owner which could be forever ruined because they took the cheaper route in the beginning.

If you opt to pay a little more money for hard plastic totes to store your possessions in the beginning, you will save countless dollars in the end. Plastic totes, unlike cardboard boxes, are not a porous material. They do not let water and smoke to penetrate, and do not let mold to grow since it is not an organic material. Plastic totes are generally tough as well. They will not easily bend or break like cardboard if there is any falling of ceilings from a bursted pipe. The outside of the tote may be affected, but the important part, the inside and the contents, will hold up much better than cardboard. Keep this in mind if you are moving into a new house or have a lot of storage that you care about. If you ever have water damage, smoke and fire damage, or mold damage in Columbus, Ohio, call PuroClean. We're here and happy to help.

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