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Prevent Water Damage from Frozen Pipes

Simple Ways to Avoid Freezing Pipes:

Low temperatures and wind chill temperatures below zero are not a good combination if you have any unheated areas with water lines in your home or business.  To prevent freezing pipes and the water damage that results, open up doors, cabinets, etc. to let heat into closed rooms and areas, insulate lines that have a potential for being in an unheated space, and slighlty open faucets to allow a slow drip of water.  Moving water is less likely to freeze in the pipes.  

Your Thermostat

Do not turn your heating thermostat below 60 degrees Farenheit when there is extreme cold outside.  If you do have a pipe burst in Columbus, Ohio, and have water damage, turn the water main off and call Puroclean immediately.  Puroclean can perform emergency water extraction and dryout of the areas affected by water damage.

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