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Who We Help

Single family homes

Homes that have had a pipe break, sump pump failure, smoke damage, toilet overflow, sink overflow, cleaning of contents due to smoke or soot, biohazard, MRSA contamination, sewer or drain backup, pack-out of contents, mold removal and cleanup.

Condominium owners

Condominiums that have any kind of water damage from their own unit or from a neighbors unit; cleanup from smoke damage that also could have been caused in their unit or another neighboring unit;  mold remediation cleanup from water damage or improper ventilation.

Apartment owners

Apartments that have had smoke, water, or mold damage to their structures.  We can also help clean and deodorize apartment renters’ contents that have been damaged due to smoke soot.  We also clean and disinfect the property from sewer backup and can perform emergency water damage extraction and dryout.

Office Buildings

Water extraction and emergency services that have a sprinkler head or plumbing leak; damages due to smoke soot; removal of hazardous mold; removal and cleaning of sewer backup events to make the property safe.

Nursing homes

Any kind of water, fire, or mold emergency; cleanup from MRSA; biohazard cleanup.


Emergency cleanup due to water leaks, smoke damage, or mold remediation; cleanup of locker rooms from H1N1.


Mitigation of mold; containment and cleanup of smoke damage to allow continued operation (when possible); emergency cleanup of water or sewer backup.


Emergency water removal and dry-out due to any kind of water intrusion; cleaning and deodorization for any fire emergency.


Fast-drying and water extraction for any kind of water emergency – toilet or sink overflow, pipe break, sprinkler head water damage; deodorization and cleaning of structure from smoke damage; mold remediation and containment; biohazard cleanup and deodorization.

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